Strategy and Transformation

Increase your revenues, retention and referrals

by becoming memorably distinctive.

In the past, suppliers controlled the sales process, from access and features, to delivery and price. The goal to control market-share became a game of tradeoffs between customers’ needs and suppliers’ costs. Every decision, from strategy to services, focused on the supplier.

When the Internet enabled global competition, this process turned upside-down. Today, 80% of customers conduct research before contacting one to three potential suppliers. They define their success criteria, and evaluate which suppliers may fulfill those goals and needs, before initiating contact.

Purchaser attraction begins with an in-depth knowledge of your customers’ journey. As a supplier, you need to demonstrate that you deliver the optimal fit at every step, or your prospect will switch to a competitor‘s path. Therefore, you need a “customer experience strategy and roadmap”, before creating demand or initiating contact.

How do you manage each step of their journey?

Are your customers’ experiences memorably distinctive?

It’s time to learn how to navigate from strategy to success, from the perspective of the customer.

Your target customers embark on a journey from identifying problems, hidden needs and goals, to purchasing styles and measures for success. How does they intersect with your products, services, competencies and capabilities?

Collaboratively create a strategy that a) helps your customers find, choose, interact, purchase and remember your distinctive style, and b) focuses and re-aligns your operations to match.

Prioritize initiatives (i.e. products, services, markets, people, processes, technology) and create a roadmap of actions that leads your business from where you are now, to where you want to be.


Implementation off the corner of your desk equals derailment. We guide you every step of the way to implement your strategy, from concept to memorable customer experiences.



Experiences create references and referrals, which create sustainability and growth. Measure, review and refine. What are your next steps in cultivating your memorably distinctive reputation?