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Contract Examples

Turnaround, Strategy and Expansion

Women’s Fitness, Vancouver

  • Discovery:  Conducted in-depth client interviews to identify customer satisfaction levels, goals and needs.
  • Strategy:  Facilitiated strategy sessions and redesigned target market, differentiators, services, operations, membership and pricing models, recruitment, training, policies and procedures.
  •  Implementation in Progress:  Created a 12-month Action Plan.  Now provide coaching during restructuring and launch to increase relationships, reputation and revenues, prior to franchising and expansion. 


Outcomes:  Developed a sustainable suite of Fitness-Self-care programs, which targets a niche market for women over forty.  New model saves clients time and money, while increasing business revenues.

Turnaround, Strategy and Operations

Chief Operations Officer, 3D Geo-spatial Mapping, Vancouver

  • Brought in to turnaround a 3D GIS Mapping company after partnership breakup and staff depletion.
  • With three autonomous Operations in Canada, Chile and Peru, I introduced a global brand identify, new lines of business and technology (i.e. LiDAR, Satellite) and recruited/integrated 76 employees.
  • Re-structured, streamlined and directed daily operations:  products and services with new bilingual RFP proposals and contracts, production, ISO 9001, technology, finance, consolidated budgets, and marketing which now targets the global mining and engineering sectors.
  • Evaluated staff and roles, prepared job descriptions and employee contracts, recruited sales, marketing and technical professionals, and created a collaborate culture and professional environment.

Outcomes:  Doubled Canadian staff, and grew customer retention and global revenues to $ 8.6 Million in 18 months.


Strategy and Integration

Alberta Government, Edmonton


  • Created the One-Window vision and strategic direction integrating 49 autonomously operated crisis and business contact centres across 17 Ministries (i.e. Child Abuse, Education, Energy, Environment, Finance, Health,  Justice, Revenue, Seniors, Transportation) with over 12.5 Million inquiries and transactions annually.
  • Major challenges included ministry-specific legislation, regulatory and privacy restrictions, and resulting impact on human resources, remote access, and non-compatible, often out-dated communication and technology platforms.
  • Brought organizations to collaborative agreement by developing and presenting a plan that decreased customer wait times, maintained current operating costs, integrated channels, and increased cross-organizational functionality, productivity and customer services.

Outcomes:  Executive Committee approved the 10-year vision and 2-year plan to develop a government-wide, integrated emergency, personal and business network using multi-media technology, shared information and resources.



Strategy and Amalgamation

Crown Corporation & Crown Trust, Castlegar

  • Brought in to amalgamate two distinctly different corporations:
  • The parent Crown Trust invested $45 Million in over 400 social, economic and environmental projects, from healthcare to libraries, and generates regional revenue, growth and sustainability.
  • The subsidiary Crown Corporation generates revenue by constructing and operating hydropower dams and selling electricity in the Columbia Basin.
  • Interviewed and evaluated:  current mandates, strategic and operational plans, contracts, staff roles and skills, job descriptions, policies, marketing and communication plans, locations, functions and systems.

Outcomes:  The Board approved the transformation plan with 2-year Return on Investment.  Recommendations included rationalization of executives, employees, functions, locations and systems to create a single, sustainable organization.

Strategy, Operations & Application Re-Design

On-Line Financial Trading Company, Vancouver

  • As a trusted advisor to Board, Chairman and CEO, reviewed strategy and plans, and re-engineered the original $10 Million USD application design for an on-line financial trading company.
  • Defined new strategy, objectives, budgets, project plan, deliverables, teams, roles and responsibilities for  40 information technology professionals.
  • Evaluated vendor proposals and presentations.

Outcomes:  Lowered IT development, start-up and initial operational costs by approximately 50% ($5 Million USD).  Improved overall design increasing customer services, controls and security.

Strategy and Operational Re-Design

Highways Communication Centre, Victoria

  • Brought in to find a human resource solution to a Highways Control Centre issue, which was being downsized beyond their ability to operate 24/7 or serve clients.
  • Facilitated planning sessions and introduced  communication methodologies (wireless, satellite) which leveraged existing communication towers, GIS, mobility, and business applications.
  • Designed and presented to stakeholders an integrated solution, which provided immediate notification (i.e. accidents, avalanches and bridge wash-outs) from remote locations, facilitated emergency response (crews and media), and allowed minimal staff to maintain 24/7 coverage.

Outcomes:  Executive Committee approved plan resolving the issue of reduced staffing levels, and improving functionality and communication.  New system known as “DRIVEBC”.


Various: Technology and Environmental

  • Green – Industrial Lithium-ion Batteries, Vancouver:  Prepared business plan, attracted $8 Million in angel investment within three weeks.
  • Green – Natural Gas/Geothermal Co-generation, Vancouver:  Prepared strategy and business plan for green energy installation and services in BC and Alberta.  $160 Million debt/equity.
  • Green – New Gas/Electric Car, Montreal:  Prepared and presented sales proposals to auto-manufacturers.
  • Green – Solar Photovoltaic / Thermal Design and Manufacturing, Ottawa:  Prepared business plan, organizational and HR development, marketing and sales plans, procurement and sales.  $450 Million equity and product acquisition.
  • Green – Fence, Plastic Injection Manufacturing, Montreal:  Prepared business strategy and plan, target markets, marketing plan and materials.  $6 Million debt/equity and $9 Million equipment leasing.
  • New Aircraft and Expansion of Existing Manufacturing and Repair Business, Courtenay:  Prepared business plan and presentations, $84 Million.

Various: Social and Professional Services

Solopreneur, Branding and Marketing:  Coached and advised changes to target audience, services, operations, contracts and proposals, which resulted in winning six contracts within two weeks, and bringing annual revenues to $250,000.

Solopreneur, Events and Wedding Planner:  Coached and advised changes to client proposals, various contracts, and terms and conditions.  Immediately awarded contract using new format, then experienced steady growth in contracts and referrals.

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