Our Services

Our mission is to help you achieve your business goals.  What we do, where we start, and the depth of our involvement depends on your organization’s size, stage of development, challenges, goals and priorities.  Each engagement, from strategy management consulting to training and mentoring, is customized to meet your specific needs, budgets and timelines.

From start-ups to multi-nationals, private or public sector, we achieve results by listening to your management, employees and customers.  Anne’s unique gift is connecting people and disparate ideas, and turning them into innovative solutions and strategies.  Our consulting and interim management projects have ranged from Canada and the US, to Chile and Peru.

A typical transformation project begins with evaluating, envisioning, and aligning your corporate direction, competencies, operations and services.  We work collaboratively with you to develop and implement strategies, projects and delivery methods that leverage your uniqueness, while streamlining your operations, to create growth and sustainability.

Sample Services

  • Assessing products, services, competencies and capabilities
  • Facilitating, guiding and motivating organizational change
  • Leading multi-discipline/cultural groups to create collaborative agreements
  • Developing strategy canvases and transformational roadmaps


  • Creating memorably distinctive customer experiences
  • Aligning strategy, people, operations and technology
  • Developing strategy, business and project plans, with measurable activities
  • Planning and guiding transformational projects, from proposal to disposal

For additional services, Anne is an accredited Executive Associate of the Institute for Independent Business International.  The IIB has over 5,000 members in 40 countries, which enables Anne to bring in specialist assistance in areas beyond Allusive’s expertise.

Customer Experience

The value of your products, services, or solution is dependent upon the distance, difficulty and differentiators a customer experiences in their journey, from initial awareness of their pain/problem to achieving their goals.

Customer Journey Mapping

Do you know every step, emotion and expectation your customers take on their journeys,
or do you just believe you do?

Strategy & Business Planning

Crystallize your vision, and create a strategy that matches your customers’ needs and goals, with your solutions and capabilities.

Create a roadmap that enables you and your team to align your people, processes and technology, so every promise offered is fulfilled in a way that generates revenues, retention and referrals.

Design a living strategy that measures your progress and performance, and enables you to celebrate your achievements and growth.

Attract customers, partners, suppliers and investors.

We’re here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Investor Ready & Ready To Go Plans

With our 12-week program, you will understand
your customers, your competition, and your
so you can accelerate your growth.
We don’t just fill in the blanks on a template,
we facilitate each phase
from planning through implementation.
Start growing your business today!

Corporations, Public Sector & Non-Profits

We are happy to customize and scale
our programs and services
to match your organization,
stage of evolution, priorities and goals.

Customize Your Experience

Call today to discuss your organization, needs and goals.

Free Business Healthcheck

If your business isn’t generating customers, revenues or referrals
the way you’re expecting, it’s time to book a free business healthcheck.