About Us

Anne founded The Allusive Image in 1997, in response to governments, private companies and not-for-profit organizations alluding to a vision, but not knowing how to create and execute an actionable roadmap to achieve their goals.  She met with many companies whose strategic plans sat on shelves gathering dust.

Anne is an accredited executive and entrepreneur that envisions and develops memorably distinctive organizations and experiences.  Typically, she starts by assessing target customers, challenges and opportunities, products and services, resources and capabilities, and then re-positions and transforms the organizations.  From people and processes, to technology and delivery, are all aspects of your business working in harmony, streamlined and cost-effectively delivered?

Boards and CEOs have complimented her on her ability to quickly establish trust, and facilitate and create multi-sector collaborative agreements and services, across diverse disciplines, organizations and regulatory sectors.

Every day Anne meets businesses and professionals that struggle to define exactly why customers should choose their products and services.  Although they offer quality and value, may follow best practices, or try different technologies, products or marketing tactics, they remain in the shadow of their competitors.

To help your organization grow, Anne will guide you and your team through a process to determine what makes your business memorable and distinctive, from crystallizing your vision, to differentiating your delivery.

If you are committed to growing or transforming your business or organization, and would like professional guidance or facilitation, let’s chat.

Executive Associate

Institute of Independent Business International