Marketing creates Leads

Delivery creates Loyalty

What do you create?


Promises create Expectations

Differentiation creates Memories

Are you remembered or forgotten?


Alluding to a vision

doesn’t make it happen

Are people and processes aligned?


Customers mistrust Promises

Customers share Experiences

Is every customer’s experience

memorable and distinctive?


From strategy to action plans …

build your revenues, retention & referrals!

Achieve Customer Retention by Becoming Memorably Distinctive

Do you stand out from the crowd?

Traditionally, it was considered a best business practice to mimic market leaders, then make incremental improvements.  With the Internet taking competition global, many businesses now compete on decimals of differentiation.

How does a nanosecond or minor variation help your customers achieve their goals?  Are you using an outdated strategic approach?  Today, customers control who, what, when, where, how and why.

Why Choose You?

Marketing creates leads, and promises create expectations.  A misalignment between a promise made and a promise fulfilled, may leave your customers feeling, not awed but angry.  It costs an average of 7 – 10 times more to acquire a new customer, than retain an existing one.  Becoming memorable takes more than a logo, colour or smile.

From strategy to services, alluding to a vision doesn’t make it happen.  We will work with you to crystallize your vision, and deliver with a difference that builds your Revenues, Reputation and Referrals.


Where are you now?                                      Where are you going?

Small - Medium Businesses

Customer Journey Mapping … Business Plans

Do you need a measurable roadmap
to accelerate your growth?

Corporations, Public Sector & Non-Profits

Customizable & Scalable

Re-focus, re-align, re-engineer and re-ignite your organization today, from strategic and operational planning through implementation. 

Need to Streamline? Improve Efficiency?

Do your operations consistently meet or exceed customer expectations?

We work as a consultant, coach or interim executive, guiding organizations through substantial organizational change. 
We will help you align, streamline and integrate your goals, people, processes and technology.

Need to Improve Retention?

Customer, revenue or employee retention?

Our holistic, innovative and transformative approach has helped many organizations and entrepreneurs grow to the next level.

Not sure what you need?

If your business isn’t working as expected, 
take advantage of our free business healthcheck.

Anne is absolutely incredible.

I wholeheartedly recommend The Allusive Image.
The knowledge direction and vision is truly unrivaled.

Tyler Carr

President, Empowered Living Services

With Anne’s guidance we were able to focus on our clients’ needs and build relevant, custom designs and presentations.  As an example, we delivered the winning proposal, and secured a contract from a major railway company.

Tony K. Mirza

President, AEnviro Inc.